Dhaya Is The Home For The Abandoned And Orphaned Children

Dhaya is the home for the abandoned and orphaned Children. New born babies were left near the gates of “Sharanalayam”. The mother, Thaiamma took them under her love and care and gave them a secured life. Their life is full of joy and hope the moment they step into the loving home of Dhaya. Dhaya is situated on the Coimbatore highway on 1.5 acres of land bought by the TRUST and has a total built-up area of 20,000Sq.ft. There are totally 150 young Orphaned boys and girls right from a new born baby to the age of 14yrs. Nearly 60 school going Children are provided with education at the nearby Government aided Schools and colleges. All the Children are provided with Vegetarian food for three times a day, Snacks and rationed Milk. Health and Hygiene is taken care by regular visit of Doctors. Special attention and special diet is given to the new entrants who are undernourished. Extra curricular activities involve Yoga and Meditation classes designed by trained Masters, karate Classes, Dance classes, indoor and Outdoor games. Recreation facilities involve Music, TV, Videos, Pets and regular outdoor Picnics.

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