Jhothi is the abode of care that runs on love and affection. The mentally challenged and physically handicapped children are the living Gods.

They need our support, not only to lean and stand up, but also to be loved and to be one amongst us. Their world is so beautiful, they are full of love deep inside them, and they are all so lovable.

These mentally challenged children were once on the streets and they knew nothing of the happenings around them. Few gave old crumbs of bread, others never even bothered when they quenched their thirst in dirty waters. Some even hated to see their face. But a few brought them to our doors.

More than 60 mentally retarded and physically handicapped children with multiple deformities have found a home at Jyothi Sharanalayam. Free food, clothing and medical facilities are provided to them. Today, they too have a home, a mother, a father and you all as their relatives. This is HUMANITY. This is true life for them. Let us all join and make their world a better place to live, as they duly deserve it

Their smile will move us miles,
Their love is pure and true,
Their action is their mode of expression,
To understand this is our determination,
To feel pity is not our duty
For, Service to them is Service to Almighty

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