Service to humanity has never been degraded, nor forgotten. Each human being contributes his or her part to the society. Some to a larger extent.

To-day nearly 25 HIV/AIDS infected children and more than 25 HIV/AIDS affected children and more than 750 People living with HIV/AIDS have come under the roof of Jheevan.

Many women are just the victims of this disease. They have received this disease from their husbands. They are innocent, but the gravity of the disease has taken a heavy toll on them. Many had dreamt of a wonderful and happy married life. But their dreams are all short lived. To-day many at a young age of 30-35 have lost their husbands to this killer disease and have been shunned away from their own family. With no place to stay they knock the doors of Sharanalayam. Sharanalayam is a heaven for many of these infected people.

Jheevan takes care of the HIV infected by providing them with Palliative care, Psycho social support, continuous counselling, nutritional support, and access to anti retroviral therapy through government facilities. In this regard Sharanalayam has partnered with Tamilnadu state aids control society to accomplish the Project.

Life is precious not with materials, but with good health

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